About us

Samphire Media marries the experience of two bloggers and web professionals with the important skills in photography and graphic design that are so important on the modern web. Here’s a little bit about us, don’t forget to get in touch once you’ve got to know us a little!

Chermaine Samphire has been blogging since the medium first started making waves on the web. She has built a number of successful websites and has a breadth of experience in web content creation, hosting, SEO and social media management.

Chermaine (“Chammy”) has worked professionally in media and advertising for one of the UK’s largest universities. She is the lead writer of ChammyIRL and organises content across our web portfolio.

Aaron Samphire has a wealth of experience in the technology industry, having worked in a senior engineering position for a major international company.

Aaron is a tech expert and enthusiast who has also completed a range of professional commissions in the photography and graphic design space. He handles the visual side of the company, and is the main writer of VirtualWombat.com.